About us

Adolf Fredrik's Girls Choir is a choir for girls in grades six to nine in the Adolf Fredrik's Music School in Stockholm and is one of the school's two representation choirs. The choir was formed in 1972 by Bosse Johansson, who also led the choir for almost 40 years, up until the final "Grande Finale Concert" with well over 400 former Girls Choir Singers as special and dear guests. From January 2011 to june 2016 Karin Bäckström conducted the choir, followed by Sofia Ågren. From the fall of 2017 the choir is led by conductor and singer Fredrik Winberg. 

Adolf Fredrik's Girls Choir is renowned for its special sound, and over the years has achieved a worldwide reputation and has received a long list of awards both in Sweden and abroad. The choir also tours extensively and has visited several countries in Europe and beyond.

Picture taken at the Farewell concert for the choir's founder Bosse Johansson, with a lot of extra singers who has been choir members in the past

There is no doubt the choir delivers at world class quality and many of its previous choir member have made themselves known as singers alone in scattered genres like opera, jazz and pop.

As the choir is tied to grade six to nine, members partly changes each year, but despite the consequence that the whole choir is completely replaced every four years, the spirit of the choir is kept, which the testimony of members from several generations clearly shows. The spirit is characterized perhaps especially by members of Adolf Fredrik's Girls Choir not only sing beautifully together, but also gets really great buddies - often for life.